African-American leaders respond to attacks on Judge Dallet’s record

MILWAUKEE — African-American leaders from Milwaukee today issued a statement in response to attacks on Judge Rebecca Dallet.

“Judge Rebecca Dallet has spent more than two decades working on the front lines in our community,” said State Senator LaTonya Johnson. “I trust Judge Dallet to apply the law in a fair and even-handed manner, and I find it preposterous and offensive for folks outside our community to make these claims about her based on cherry-picking cases when they have no idea what it’s like to serve in our community or in our courtrooms. Judge Dallet continues to have my full and enthusiastic support.”

“I’m astonished at today’s spurious attacks on Judge Rebecca Dallet,” said Milwaukee Court Commissioner Robert Webb. “As an attorney who has practiced in Milwaukee for years, I’m offended that someone from Madison with no experience in our courtrooms would try to speak for my community. Judge Dallet is fair, even-handed, and compassionate. She understands the law and applies it equitably. Her decisions have been upheld dozens and dozens of times, but it’s not unusual when you’ve sat on the bench as long as she has to have a few cases where the appeals court sees it differently.”

“Regarding the cases explored today,” continued Webb, “in one case her original decision was actually eventually upheld and a rapist is serving time, and in the other a felon with a gun escaped punishment, but the appeals court helpfully clarified the standard. I continue to support Judge Dallet and call for these ridiculous attacks to stop.”

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